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Spreading some Christmas Joy and donating to The Dogs Trust

This year we decided to do something a little different. Normally at Christmas we would send out Christmas cards and the odd gift to our clients and introducers of the last year. With the blessing of our customers and introducers, this year we decided to donate to The Dog’s Trust at Snetterton near Norwich.On of the dogs we visited at Snetterton Dogs Trust

Why The Dogs Trust? Being honest we love dogs! But apart from that there are several reasons to support this fantastic centre.
Firstly, The Dogs Trust rely on donations from the public, voluntary workers and fundraising to keep their centres open. The smallest donation makes a big difference.

Secondly, we visited a few sites before deciding on The Dogs Trust. I couldn’t believe the efforts that the staff and volunteers go to when caring for the dogs. In most cases the dogs were given up by no real fault of the dog or the owner….One we particularly liked was Rex the Labrador who loved attention and another was Benji…..who when you looked at him turned his head, raised his ears and had big upset eyes which made you instantly want to take him home. You will be pleased to know that both have now been re-homed.

And finally, we genuinely felt that the donation given would really make a difference and support the centre. On delivery, the staff were extremely thankful, and the dogs were very pleased to see us but most importantly our small donation meant something and wasn’t taken for granted. That’s not to say that we feel some charities take donations for granted, this is not what we mean at all. We simply mean that in this case it felt right, and we could see what our donation would do in supporting the centre. We hope that this donation supported at least one dog staying at the centre which goes on to be happily re homed.Bear Credit Director James at the Dogs Trust

If you would like to support The Dogs Trust, simply visit www.dogstrust.org.uk/our-centres/snetterton/ and make contact via their ‘Contact Us’ page.
We aim to support The Dogs Trust again and hope you can ‘Bear’ them in mind if you are thinking about raising money, donating or volunteering for a wonderful cause.