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Case File – recent case

We recently completed the finance for a building firm who required a fleet of new vehicles. The business has traded for a number of years and well known to us locally. They had found the variety of vans they were looking to purchase and after an introduction from a well-known commercial vehicle dealership we provided a full quotation which was more affordable for the customer compared to another couple of avenues that the customer had researched.

The application process

On application the acceptance was provided quickly, we arranged to meet the customer personally to sign the documentation but more importantly get to find out more about their business and discuss ways that we could potentially support in the future. On conversation and a tour of their premises, the customer noted that they had been wanting to purchase a new trailer and a new digger due to their current equipment being old and ready to be retired. From this we were able to provide further finance options (for the new equipment) on site which lead to further finance being applied for.

The transaction

Between the time the customer signed the van paperwork, supplier paid and the new vans delivered, the customer had a new acceptance and signed documentation for the new equipment too. From this the customer mentioned how pleased they were with the ease of the transaction as all of the ‘hard work’ was taken away from them and made the process simple. This is our aim, to provide fast, easy, affordable finance options to allow businesses to grow. ‘When it comes to Finance, we hope you can BEAR us in mind’.